About Us

Italy Incoming Terramica was born with the purpose of becoming the first Italian tour operator in the field of incoming tourism. This is an objective which has strong bases. In fact, on one hand, there is Terramica Srl, a tourist consulting and planning society which has been working in Brescia – also called Italy’s Lioness – since 2008 and which puts together a wide variety of experiences: commercial, professional, industrial and touristic activities. On the other hand, there is Amerigo Viaggi, a partnership which has been operating in the tourist field for over 35 years and now is a technical partner of Italy Incoming Terramica.

Since its origin, Terramica has become a local benchmark (both provincial and regional) for incoming tourism in Brescia. Thanks to this tour operator’s long established-experience, several tourists groups from different European cities  have been increasingly attracted by Brescia’s sights and neighbouring well-known places such as lakes, mountains, countryside and wine and food itineraries (as the numerous “wine roads”).

From these natural and human realties, together with a careful analysis of the market dynamics, Terramica has recently taken the decision of widening  its horizon of action going beyond its narrow national boundaries.