About Us

Italy Incoming Terramica was born with the purpose of becoming the first Italian tour operator in the field of incoming tourism. This is an objective which has strong bases. In fact, on one hand, there is Terramica Srl, a tourist consulting and planning society which has been working in Brescia – also called Italy’s Lioness – since 2008 and which puts together a wide variety of experiences: commercial, professional, industrial and touristic activities. On the other hand, there is Amerigo Viaggi… READ MORE >>

Our interlocutors

Italy Incoming Terramica basically addresses to travel agencies and  tour operators around the world which intend to include Italy as a travel destination or as an European hub, with short and long itineraries tailored for any sort of groups. Moreover, Italy Incoming Terramica is also interested directly in local organizations all over the world (schools, associations, companies and so on) which desire coming into touch with our Country’s historical, museum... READ MORE >>

Our proposal

Thanks to the collaboration with lots of local operators, Italy Incoming Terramica organizes cultural visits, holidays and tours related to local and/or international events which take place in the greatest Italian cities and less known territories to most of the foreign tourists. Our “standard” tours last  2-3  days up to a maximum of  4-5 days and are organized for a minimum of 10 people. However, every tour can be modified and adjusted… READ MORE >>

Incoming Network

Our company is also strongly expanding at a local level. In particular, we address to local operators in order to collaborate with the entities (travel agencies, hotels and operators) which relish high professional standards, outlined by acknowledgments from international authorities and have scheduled specific itineraries strictly linked to the territory. All these organizations can enter our network and enjoy new visibility both in Italy and in Europe.

Our plan of affiliation-incoming includes:

  • Daily/weekly delivery to about 80,000 selected travel agencies all over the world which have tours both in Italy and in Europe in their schedule;
  • Translation into four languages (English, French, German and Russian) of the most interesting itineraries in order to develop local and cultural tourism. 
  • Organization of groups and mini groups which the travel agency or the local operator may also  manage independently once the group arrives on the site.

The affiliation to our incoming network must be renewed annually and is not subject to contracts which include royalty payments on the job.